Day of action on watersheds: Sept 15th
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Jim Wilson | Sep 13, 2015

Dear Defenders of East Napa Watersheds, and all supporters of healthy municipal watersheds,

Please join us Tuesday, September 15, for a day of action in support of the City's call for greater protections in its sensitive municipal watersheds. We will be holding signs and speaking during public comment.

These protections have to come from the County, ultimately by enhancing protections by ordinance. Our more immediate purpose is to make sure the county is aware that the City is strongly opposed to issuing discretionary permits that will result in so much new pollution in Milliken, that $20MM in new infrastructure would be needed to protect Napa citizens from it. Our message is, THAT IS WRONG, AND THE PEOPLE DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION.

Note yesterday's Register report of unsafe drinking water being found in downtown Napa taps. Milliken's water, according to Eldridge, is by far the City's best water, needing just a "dab" of polymer. Will we allow it to be destroyed?

Background: Hall wants to strip 507 acres of native vegetation to net 356 acres of wine grapes, much of it in the Milliken Reservoir headwaters. We met with Council member Scott Sedgley in June, spoke during public comment at City Council meetings in favor of better protections, got an agenda item for a staff report on the condition of Napa's two municipal watersheds (Hennessy and Milliken). At the August 18 City Council meeting, the City Council unanimously approved of urgent action to be taken as per Water Division staff recommendations. Since then, Joy Eldridge has reached out to David Morrison for assistance in implementing her recommendations for strengthening watershed protections.

Our Tuesday action is for city and county residents to connect this process to the County Supervisors and to make sure they are aware of the City's urgent need of better protection of its municipal watersheds. It is the BOS who will be hearing our appeals on WALT and Kongsgaard vineyard conversions. We want them to vote NO against polluters, and YES in favor of healthy people and healthy water supply.

9:00 AM - Board of Supervisors meeting - public comment in favor of urgently needed protections as per City staff report.

3:30 PM - City Council meeting - public comment thanking council members for their unanimous support of staff recommendations.

6:30 PM - City Council meeting - same as 3:30 meeting - try to make one or the other... (at the 6:30 meeting trucked water is on the agenda.)

Below is additional information to support our case, if you like.

I hope you can join us!

Here is the Register article on the August 18 City Council meeting that decided in favor of strengthening watershed protections:

Here is an excerpt from David Morrison's letter (full letter here) to the Mayor before the August 18 City Council meeting:

Here are comments (from the video) in favor of improved watershed protections we can hang our hat on:

Here are the proposed long term solutions endorsed by Council from this city staff report:

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