2014 tourism industry statistics (updated)
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Norma Tofanelli | Aug 11, 2015

Visit Napa Valley 2014 Visitor Profile
Visit Napa Valley 2014 Economic Impact Report

Wonder why the roads are clogged?


NB Business Journal: Report: Napa tourism generates $1.6B
Visit Napa Valley website: Research & Statistics page
George Caloyannidis' letter on the DTC boondoggle.


Update 8/11/15:

Ving Direct: Vine Notes: Data dispel wine direct-sales myths, Part 1 (Myth No. 3: People are buying lots of wine when they visit you in Wine Country.)

Is the use of our resources and the traffic mess worth it? The article above says no - they use old Napa County visitor data (in 2012 the take was $10/visitor/winery) which prompted me to update with 2014 data - interesting.

Visit Napa Valley 2014 data:
Average visitor spends $482.71 per day "in-market"
(reported spending covers more than one visitor - actually covers 2.2 visitors)
Wine bottles purchased at wineries = $130.64
And Average visitor went to 3.3 wineries per NV visit

130.64 / 2.2 visitors = $59.38 wine purchases at winery per visitor
59.38 / 3.3 wineries = $17.99 per visitor per winery

All this for $17.99 wine sales per visitor?


Bill Hocker adds:

In re-looking at the 2014 visitor profile one statistic that jumped out was a question to visitors about how to enhance the Napa Valley experience:
5% wanted more wineries. 30% (6 times more than any other response) felt it was great as it is. Who will the county and the wine industry listen to?

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