Mountain Peak Project resubmitted to County
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Bill Hocker | May 15, 2015

Not having heard from the neighbors of the Mountain Peak project in the month since the project was resubmitted to the county and a notification of submission sent out, Sheveta Sharma, the planner shepherding the project, was kind enough to send me a note of concern. I did not receive the April 16th notice and will try to find out who did receive it.

In any case here it is: Apr 16th 2015 Mt. Peak resubmission notification

I have included the revised traffic report in the documents listed at the top of the page. The conclusion, surprise, surprise: "The project will result in no significant off-site circulation system operational impacts to Silverado Trail or Soda Canyon Road or to the Silverado Trail/Soda Canyon Road intersection."

My email exchange with Ms. Sharma this morning is here:

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