Taxes for a better world? Not in Napa!
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Bill Hocker | Apr 21, 2015

I am most taken and discouraged by the "no new taxes" dogma expressed by the commenters to this article:

Open space district needs money to keep growing

As usual some people have no trouble spending vast amounts of tax money for a useless Maginot line between the US and Mexico or futile and tragic wars to secure middle eastern oil for the worlds largest corporations or to bail out egregious financial manipulators while so many were losing their homes or to give tax breaks to the most profitable corporations in the world or to fund the most Orwellian, and ineffectual, instrument ever created to spy on us all. But when it comes to the those things that are good about any civilization and that separate historical golden ages from the periods of war and poverty and ignorance that constitute most of human history - the support of education, of arts, of science, of the alleviation of poverty and illness, of the creation of a more enjoyable world to live in, a culture that a will be admired a thousand years hence - when it comes to those things that might define this as a golden age in human history, like a preservation of the natural beauty of this place for future generations to enjoy, whoa, NO NEW TAXES.

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