Yountville Hill rises again
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Mary Ann Moffitt | Apr 30, 2015

[From county planner Sean Trippi: A public scoping meeting will be held by the County to inform interested parties about the proposed Yountville Hill project, and to provide agencies and the public with an opportunity to provide comments on the scope and content of the EIR. May 13th, 1:30pm in the County building, 1195 3rd St]

Notice of Preparation of a Draft Focused Environmental Impact Report for the Proposed Yountville Hill Project

Well, here it comes again. Eric Sklar (CS2 Wines) has resubmitted this​ ​project. The county planning staff will hold an EIR scoping meeting on​ ​Wednesday, May 13, to get input from the public about which issues they want​ ​to see addressed in the EIR: traffic, water, variances to conservation​ ​regs and setbacks from Hwy 29, view shed concerns, inadequate parking,​ ​aggressive tours & tasting / marketing and events plans - all the usual​ ​suspects rolled into one egregious project.

I've attached the Viewshed Ordinance since I'm not sure how many of you​ ​are familiar with it besides Eve and Ginny. One other interesting aspect​ ​of this is that the applicant owns 2 lots that total 10.9 acres and the​ ​county is not requiring them combine the lots before considering the​ ​project (and last time, approving it).

Regarding variances noted under Project Description - it looks like Sean​ ​Trippi forgot to include the requests for the setback variance from Hwy 29​ ​for the lower cave portal, at which 30 days per year of bottling, and all​ ​winery deliveries will happen, and another for proximity to a neighboring​ ​property on the northwest corner of the property. I'm waiting to hear​ ​from him about whether they were inadvertently left out or those issues​ ​were resolved in some way. Išll let you know what he says.

If you are available to attend the meeting and comment on the issues, that​ ​would be great. So many projects, so little time​.​ Feel free to pass this
message onto anyone you think might be interested.

Napa County Viewshed Ordinance

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