Where has all the water gone?
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Jim Wilson | Apr 12, 2015

California Water Restrictions MUST Include Big Ag, Big Oil and Nestlé!

Talking about virtual water - our water - for importers of California agricultural products:
Does Napa consider itself to have a problem? In our meeting with Diane Dillon last month she told us she thought Jill Techel doesn't get the gravity of the situation.

1. How much of Napa wine production is owned by foreigners?
2. How much of Napa wine is exported out of the watershed, out of state, out of country?

I think we should know the numbers. Frackers and bottled water exporters are targets for censure, as they should be. Who else?


Charlotte Williams adds:

Donald and I attended the "super duper growing coalition" meeting in Jenner yesterday. Will Parrish seemed to have the numbers on your question. Or perhaps the Wine Institute in SF? on their "Statistics" page?

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