Grand Coalition Update
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Daniel Mufson | Jan 23, 2015

Thank you all for participating in our Grand Coalition meeting on Tuesday. It was a remarkable and a most pleasant sight to have so many concerned citizens from all over convene to discuss common concerns about over development. I have reviewed my scribbled notes and the those scribed by Jim Wilson and extracted the following points:
    -Promote slow, smart, sustainable growth
    -Long term sustainability of natural resources, of land use
    -BOS are powerful; only 3 can change things
    -Donít get rolled over; use methods to make them hear us
    -Find our commonality
    -Stand up for quality of life; Ag is not the best and highest use of all land
    -Seek a moratorium
    -Encourage compliance with existing regulations
    -Move from swatting flies to regulation changes e.g. CAP
    -Be a coalition, share resources, coordinate responses
    -Law, jobs, money [define the battle, strategy, weapons]
    -Wine industry is not our enemy
    -Get a seat at the table

With 50 attendees it was difficult to get to the point of specific organizational plans. We agreed that a steering committee should be formed to continue the dialog. Therefore, I have invited leaders of the key groups present to meet as a steering committee to flesh out how we might work together.

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