Gravestones for a forest
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Duane Cronk | Dec 17, 2014

This is what a forest of living trees looks like after clear-cutting and reduced to large piles of sawdust. About 13 ft. high.

The Register has been carrying stories on residents opposing developments which destroy natural environments and community values. Long letters to the editor, intelligent and articulate.

Are we seeing the emergence of a political movement here? Perhaps comparable to the spirit which produced the policies which have given Napa County a national recognition?

With the housing policies assured in the Napa Pipe project, will we be hearing arguments that we can afford to control future vineyard developments. I am hearing vineyardist friends saying, "Maybe enough is enough." They, too, appreciate the vision of forests on our horizons, as do visitors.

This is not just about the loss of pretty flowers. It is the destruction of habitat for deer,fox, possum. Habitat for numerous kinds of plants. Destruction of the vital role which trees play in the climate and in retention of water in the soil.

In Angwin, we advocate the preservation of agriculture on the green fields in the heart of the community. But residents here put great value on Open Space and AWOS appeals to them for that reason. AWOS is both.

But for now and with other situations in mind, imagine how drastic is the conversion

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