Wine Industry Economics Study Session
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Gary Margadant | Nov 5, 2014

Wednesday at the Plan Comm there will be a NVV presentation "WINE INDUSTRY ECONOMICS STUDY SESSION". See attached Agenda Letter.

The three presentations will cover Direct to Consumer Sales. You all need to see this to understand just where the Industry wants to take these sales + the why and wherefores.

You can all see this live on the video during the Meeting or review it at a later date, but you must see the information to understand the strength of the numbers and what it means to the smaller wineries.

The most important presentation by Rob McMillan - Executive Vice President and Founder, Silicon Valley Bank's Wine Division, shows the numbers. These numbers are driving the reality that Goeff has been warning us all about.

It is a great economic model, but where is it taking the Napa Valley and how will it affect the residents, both industry and your neighbors. Then think about the Planning Commission and the Planning Department and their response to the impacts and the management of this trend, especially the visitation numbers.

We need to make this a topic of discussion and action.

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