Response to request for Phase 2 water report
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Bill Hocker | Jun 24, 2014

[Response from Sheveta Sharma to my email below]

Good afternoon Bill,

The narrative does discuss a small increase in the caves. I do not have an electronic copy, but can provide one at the County building. The hydrology report would become available the same time as the prepared CEQA document and would be available 20 days prior to the scheduled PC hearing. No date has been determined, nor will be, until the CEQA document is complete.

Shaveta Sharma
Napa County
Planning, Building, & Environmental Services


Ms. Sharma,

Re: Mountain Peak Vineyards submission

1. One of our members had most if not all of the documents from the MPV May 14th submission copied, and I have put them up on our website at .

One of the drawings not there was the revision of the caves plan. Did we just miss it? If so, do you happen to have an electronic copy of it that you could send? I stopped by last friday to get it but the person at the desk couldn't find the project binder.

2. Mr. Morrison mentioned that a phase 2 water analysis was being done on the project. Is that the same as the hydrology report mentioned in your letter to Mr. Appalas? When might we be able to obtain a copy of that report?

Will there be other additional documents submitted before your review is final? One of our members asked about a geotechnical report. Will that also be a part of the final submission? You mentioned an environmental document in your letter. Is that the report you create just before sending your recommendation to the commission? Or is that document available prior to that time?

Did MPV re-submit a project statement with the revisions to their use permit submission?

3. Do you have any current expectation yet on when your review of the project might be finished and headed to the planning commission?

Thank you

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