Mother Nature rebukes wine industry?
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Bill Hocker | Jun 19, 2018

The Vintner's Collective

Public Works Director Steve Lederer, at the Jun 19 BOS meeting, gave a heads up on a study (research paper) that has received some press in the last week. The study makes a connection between groundwater pumping and the 2014 Napa Earthquake, a finding that, if true, might have some impacts on continued agricultural development in the county, and perhaps an issue with the County's Groundwater Sustainability plan.

Abstract of and link to the Research Paper (lots of math)
KQED 6/13/18: Study Says 2014 Napa Quake May Be Linked to Groundwater Changes
ABC newscast 6/13/18: 2014 Napa quake may be linked to groundwater changes

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