Response to MPV Mitigation Offer
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Anthony Arger | May 19, 2014

[Letter to Developer Steve Rea and Planning Consultant Donna Oldford in response to their mitigation offers]

Dear Steve & Donna,

We have heard back from all of the neighbors who attended the meeting and everybody has decided they must respectfully decline to sign to proposed agreement, as it simply does not adequately address our major concerns.

As stated at the very top of our list of concerns to MPV, the general concern is that the sheer magnitude of the project is much too large for the rural location approximately 7 miles up Soda Canyon Road. While we appreciate your attempts to meet with representatives of the neighborhood and propose some very modest compromises, only one of which has any true substance, there has been no effort by MPV to reconsider the overall size and scope of the project, meaning that all of the neighborhood’s concerns with regards to traffic, water, fire safety, and environmental impact have NOT and will NOT be addressed. Accordingly, we cannot sign this particular compromise.

If MPV would like to seriously reconsider the overall size and scope of the project that would have the effect of significantly reducing the negative impacts the project will have on traffic, water, fire safety, and the environment, we would be more than happy to consider such a revised compromise.

If MPV chooses NOT to reconsider the overall size and scope of the project, we sincerely hope that MPV elects to submit final plans to the county which places the main winery entrance on the existing paved portion of Soda Canyon Road near the existing entrance, and NOT on the gravel road. As mentioned several times now, placement of the entrance on Soda Canyon Road is the prudent, reasonable, and safer course of action for ALL users of the gravel road, including MPV’s future guests. We are all aware that the county has already approved that the entrance CAN be located on Soda Canyon Road, and as stated by one of the representatives during the meeting last week, placement of the main entrance near the existing entrance on Soda Canyon Road would be a wise move on the part of MPV to gain some goodwill among all of its Soda Canyon Road neighbors.

Please do not hesitate to let us know of any other questions and we sincerely hope that MPV will not only place the entrance on Soda Canyon Road, but will also come back to us with a revised compromise that adequately reconsiders the size of the project to make it more commensurate with the rural location in which it is planned.

Sincere Regards,
Anthony Arger

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