Ag Preserve's 50th Anniversary
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Bill Hocker | Apr 9, 2018

From the EPA Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios website with Napa County boundary added. Click on maps to enlarge.

Update 4/10/18
NVR 4/10/18: Napa County toasts the agricultural preserve at party

NVR 2/4/18: Will Napa's 50-year-old agricultural preserve continue to protect the Napa Valley?

The EPA apparently thinks so. Residents who are experiencing the impacts of booming tourism and industrial development currently happening in the county aren't so sure.

It is worth noting that the EPA doesn't see the construction of Napa Pipe or Watson Ranch happening in the next 50 years. Let's hope they know something we don't. Of course they also don't anticipate the construction of the Meritage Resort, Napa Valley Commons or the airport industrial area (definitely suburban rather than ex-urban uses). In fact, there is almost not a single change shown for Napa in the next 50 years. Either development ceases entirely after 2020 - and in some cases reverts! - or Napa’s development data was inadvertently purged along with the global warming data.

It is also worth noting that Napa has lost thousands of acres of farmland and separately gained thousands of acres of urban development since 1984 according to these articles:
NVR 7/8/16: Napa sees farmland total shrink slightly over two years
NVR 10/31/15: Shrinking Napa farmland raises questions for Farm Bureau

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