Ending the Plutocoptor threat
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Bill Hocker | Dec 17, 2017

Update 12/17/17
George Caloyannidis NVR 12/17/17: When you know Napa Vision 2050 has arrived -- by helicopter

Update 12/12/17
NVR 12/12/17: Planned Napa heliport ban measure puts Palmaz proposal in new light
NVR 12/10/17: Napa County private heliport measure supporters turn in signatures

Text of the initiative to disallow private heliports

NVR 9/3/17: Calistoga resident plans to launch Napa County heliport ballot initiative

George Caloyannidis has begun the effort to make sure, whether Christian Palmaz is successful or not, that there are no more personal heliports for wealthy residents being proposed in the county. He was instrumental in the original effort to halt helicopter use for winery visitation in 2004. Now is the time to finish the work.

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