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Bill Hocker | Apr 16, 2018

Text of Measure D to disallow private heliports

Update 4/16/18
A community meeting will be held to discuss Measure D at the Napa Valley Country Club on April 24th, 2018. George Caloyannidis will present the Yes on D case. Opponents have been invited to present as well. The announcement is here

Update 3/28/18
NV2050 3/28/18: Interview with Measure Yes on D Author George Caloyannidis

Update 2/28/17
On Feb 27th, 2018 the BOS placed George Caloyannidis' Heliport Ban initiative on the June 2018 ballot as Measure D. While numerous people spoke in favor of the initiative, there was no one to speak in opposition. The BOS had the option of simply adopting the initiative but chose to place it on the ballot. Sup Dillon specifically invoked the will of the voters in passing measures J and P requiring no less than a vote of the people in making land use zoning decisions. (Oddly this did not seem as important to her later in the afternoon as she voted in the 3-2 majority to set a precident by bypassing the voters and adopting the Blakeley Initiative as an ordinance.)

Heliport Ban Initiative 2018 Election Resolution: Measure D

Update 2/22/18
On Feb 27, 2018 the BOS will receive the "9111" Report on the initiative after which they will have 10 days to decide whether to adopt the initiative as is or to place the Initiative not the June 2018 ballot. The 9111 report describes legal shortcomings in the Initiative as seen by a consultant hired to review it.

Heliport Ban Initiative 9111 Report

Update 12/17/17
George Caloyannidis NVR 12/17/17: When you know Napa Vision 2050 has arrived -- by helicopter

Update 12/12/17
NVR 12/12/17: Planned Napa heliport ban measure puts Palmaz proposal in new light
NVR 12/10/17: Napa County private heliport measure supporters turn in signatures

NVR 9/3/17: Calistoga resident plans to launch Napa County heliport ballot initiative

George Caloyannidis has begun the effort to make sure, whether Christian Palmaz is successful or not, that there are no more personal heliports for wealthy residents being proposed in the county. He was instrumental in the original effort to halt helicopter use for winery visitation in 2004. Now is the time to finish the work.

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