Diana MacCabe Whited here.
I've got an update from Amber:
With Rich at his place. Cops let me and kev here to help keep an eye on things. Kev is at grandmas. Fire is smoldering now, not bad. Working its way around the rim. Wind may pick up tonight, will be on it. Hocker's house is ok. Please post info to soda cyn rd website.
Thank you all so very much for creating this website for us to keep up to date with one another on all things Soda Canyon. The availablity of current information during this time of turmoil is priceless. Thank you everyone for giving us your updates and helping us all better understand what is happening.
All of you are heroes. Keeping each other safe, remaining positive and caring and doing all you can do to help one another. Never been so proud to be a Hill Kid.

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