Atlas Fire Soda Canyon Photos
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Bill Hocker | Oct 12, 2017

Photos from various folks on the road:

10/14/17 10:31am from Antica vineyards

10/14/17 5:28am Near Rich McCabe's house

10/12/17 6:30pm Fire Crew at Derns

10/12/17 5:00pm Drop on Ho/Hocker Point

10/10/17 6:34pm Foss Valley Plateau

10/10/17 3:00pm Foss Valley Palteau

10/9/17 noon?: Anthony flies over

10/9/17 9-8am: Glenn's driveway

10/9/17 9-8am: Glenn's front yard

10/9/17 9-8am:

10/9/17 9-8am:

10/9/17 9-8am:

10/9/17 9-8am: What is this?

10/8/17 10-11pm: From the top of the grade

10/8/17 10-11pm: Further down the grade

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