Heli-No! Your presence is needed!
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NV2050 Admin | May 12, 2017


Your Presence is Urgent!

Attend the next Planning Commission hearing of the Palmaz application for a private use helicopter Landing Use Permit (UP# P14-000261) on Wednesday, May 17, at 9 am, the County Administration Building. County staff has yet again recommended that "the proposed Project would not have any significant environmental impacts after implementation of mitigation measures related to potential impacts to: (a) Land Use and Agricultural Resources; (b) Biological Resources; (c) Cultural Resources; and (d) Noise."

Not only does this fly in the face of past testimony of biologists and neighbors, but it defies logic! Furthermore, the approval of this permit will open the door for many others!

Consider making public comment (three minutes!) and/or sending your comments to the Planning Commissioners (see addresses below).

Even if you do not wish to make public comment, your presence makes a difference. Presence means votes at the ballot box and our supervisors are watching!
Please consider the following comments from Calistoga resident, Christine Tittel, someone who has lived the nightmare of a Napa valley helicopter flying neighbor.

Talking Points:

Private use helicopters are solely for private recreational or convenience purposes with only negative impacts on the public.

Helicopters are prone to accidents.

Helicopters are noisy!

The County may not grant a Use-Permit when fully aware that in practice non-compliance to its conditions is impossible to monitor, impossible to document and that in its entirety is impossible to enforce. Currently there are helipads on Diamond Mountain, Pritchard Hill, Hennessey Ridge and reported landings at the above locations and on Tubbs Lane in Calistoga and Atlas Peak Road. All are illegal. Many other landings are also reported taking place around the county due to lack of enforcement .

A Palmaz approval will open the doors for many others who are watching and to the proliferation of helicopter flights over the Napa Valley skies. This will drive the final nail to our peace and quiet.

Absolutely nothing justifies the use of private helicopters! Stop private heliports in Napa County! Show up at the May 17, 2017, hearing, 9 am, and voice your objection. County Administration Building, 3rd and Coombs Street, Napa, CA.

Supporting Documents: HERE

Michael Basayne (707) 815-7042 napacommissioner@yahoo.com
Terry Scott (707) 251-5533 tkscottco@aol.com
Jeri Gill (707) 337-4975 jerigillpc@outlook.com
Anne Cottrell (707) 408-1166 anne.cottrell@ucene.com
Joelle Gallagher (707) 738-7108 joellegPC@gmail.com

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