At the Jan 4th 2017 Planning commission hearing for the Mountain Peak Winery, residents presented a critique of the "comparable" wineries proposed by the County and by the Applicant. The Soda Canyon Community has consistently maintained that, given the access constraints, the intensity of winery activities is not appropriately scaled in the the Mountain Peak proposal. In response to the approach of looking at a very small subset of wineries as comparables, we have tried here to take a look at winery development in the watersheds as a whole and see how Mountain Peak might compare.

This is a map and list of "remote" wineries in Napa County, "remote" being those within the hilly areas of the watersheds and more than 1 mile from a major highway. (For comparison, the average distance between Hwy 29 and the Trail is 2 miles). It excludes wineries on the Hwy 12 corridor, outside watershed areas. The map and list of remote wineries have been made using data from the NVV's excellent map here and the County's winery database here. There are, of course many more wineries not shown on the NVV map that become visible when you zoom in close on Google maps. It is probable that the average and median values would fall rather than rise or stay the same as more un-shown wineries are added.


Remote Wineries List
Wineries in watersehds more than 1 mile from a state highway or the Trail. The list can be sorted by clicking on the column title

All Remote Wineries
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Capacity gal/yr Visitors/
dist. from Hwy dist. on dead-end
Hess Collection Winery19861,000,00034,940352255.91.3
William Hill Winery1987750,00013,0008711.5
Antica Napa Valley1987450,0005,20020956.66.6
Schramsberg Vineyards Winery**1973180,00036,67439229
Chappellet Winery**1967150,00015,14524126
Ladera WInery1985150,0004,26013615.0
Somerston Winery**2008150,0003,4081256
Oakville Grade Win (Harlan II)1981144,00036,400211591.2
10 Newton Vineyards1979130,0002,6008382.11.2
11 Mountain Peak2017100,00014,575211136.16.1
12 Kenzo Winery200585,0005,45010511.3
13 Kuleto Estate199875,0004503141.71.7
14 Burgess Cellars197260,00005202.5
15 Arkenstone Vineyards200360,00011,62810645.30.3
16 Cain Winery198159,00006246.22.6
17 Manville Lake Winery199859,00011,22010636.3
18 Buehler Vineyards197850,00003125.35.3
19 Lokoya Vineyards196550,0004,36010484.5
20 Mayacamus Winery194450,0000114310.81.2
21 Woolls Ranch201350,00022,84010874.0
22 Outpost Winery198750,0009,68510598.91.2
23 Palmaz Vineyards200135,00018,3303512.70.5
24 Neal Family Winery200035,0002,1202136.00.3
25 Vaider Vineyards199232,0003244172.9
26 Fantesca Estate200030,0006,4058451.5
27 David Arthur Vineyards198430,0003,1974232.52.5
28 Anthem Winery199630,000260013.5
29 Wallis Family Estate201030,0005,8414280.9
30 The Caves at Soda Canyon200630,0004,9604264.04.0
31 Fontanella Winery200630,0007404174.32.2
32 Diogenes Ridge Winery201430,0005,70010515.8
33 Rogers Winery201130,0006,4502222.71.5
34 Eagle Eye Winery201130,0007,2769507.3
35 Cade Winery200630,0004,6506334.6
36 Castlevale Winery201830,0007,3874314.2
37 Continuum Winery200228,0001,17816642.52.5
38 Von Strasser Winery197925,0001,4804190.9
39 Caldwell Winery200425,0002,3502133.51.0
40 V-12 Winery200922,5002,1273163.23.2
41 Seavey Vineyards198820,000362293.93.9
42 White Rock Vineyards198720,0000281.71.7
43 Relic Winery201020,0004,4584254.24.2
44 Volker Eisele Family Estate199020,0000002.8
45 Pope Valley Vineyards197220,0001,04041813.8
46 The Vineyardist200620,0001,3402111.60.4
47 Schweiger Vineyards199420,0002,6211105.70.4
48 Gardona Winery200920,0001,0612100.90.9
49 Astrale e Terra198820,00003126.66.6
50 La Vallette Winery198820,0000285.55.5
51 Merus Wines200220,0006,6304302.1
52 Adamvs200320,0008,3213296.5
53 Spring Mountain Vineyards196820,0000141.2
54 White Cottage Ranch201320,00013,25710666.8
55 Dunn Vineyards198220,0002605207.70.1
56 3646 SMR Vineyards201620,0004,95010494.70.5
57 Lodestone Winery201120,00013,13010662.52.5
58 Black Sears Winery201720,0006,2003259.22.5
59 Vin Roc Winery200418,000416298.08.0
60 Calla Lily Estate200816,0004,33032113.2
61 MJA Winery198815,0004,3203214.93.8
62 Eeden Vineyards200615,000546293.33.3
63 Wing Canyon Vineyard199112,5000008.1
64 Amizetta Winery198412,00003126.36.3
65 Porter Vineyards200212,000120144.14.1
66 Roy Estates200212,0002,7102140.90.9
67 Kongsgaard WInery200512,00006239.39.3
68 Diamond Mountain Winery199410,0001,5202113.4
69 Behrens Family Winery199810,0000006.20.8
70 Keever Vineyard200310,0002,0842120.90.9
71 Vineyard 22201010,00018,2002463.1
72 Brand Napa Valley200910,0007,4866391.81.8
73 Reverie Winery19959,2005,6405310.9
74 Stony Hill Vineyard19648,7002086231.71.7
75 Alta Vineyard Cellar19795,0002084168.98.9
76 Lagier Meredith Vineyard20045,0001,040167.00.7
77 Jericho Canyon Winery20022,0009002101.1
78 Ripe Winery20051,5001,8562129.09.0
  Capacity gal/yr Visitors/
dist. from Hwy dist. on dead-end
Average w/o Mountain Peak
Average w/o MP, Antica, Hess
5,871 7 39 4.4 2.9
Median w/o Mountain Peak
22,500 2,621 4 21 4.0 2.5
Mountain Peak Winery
100,00014,57519 105 6.1 6.1
^ Trips/day calculated from County weekday trip generation formulas
null values excluded

Analysis: Mountain Peak, when compared against these 77 watershed wineries falls in the upper 10% for capacity and visitation. It has:

  • 2 x the average capacity (3 x if the 2 huge pre-WDO wineries are excluded)
  • 5 x the median capacity
    Only 6 wineries have larger capacity, all pre-WDO
  • 2.5 x the average yearly visitation
  • over 7x the median yearly visitation
    Only 7 wineries have larger visitation, 4 pre-WDO with public tasting.
  • 2 miles further from a major highway than average, and 3 miles further up a dead end road than average.
  • 3 x the average trips per day generated
  • 9 x the median trips per day

Notes of Interest:

The Hess Winery jumps out as representing the development extent possible, in capacity, visitation and non-agricultural activity in the watersheds. The Antica Winery, built at the same time and the second largest winery in the watersheds, was faced with vigorous neighbor opposition (the descendants of whom are opposing Mountain Peak) and allowed no tours and tastings under its 1987 use permit (in 1995 the t&t was raised to 5200/yr but the winery has blessedly remained uninterested in tourism). Both wineries built shortly before the the discussions leading to the 1990 WDO, they might be seen as examples of the unregulated winery expansion trend that the WDO was meant to address. The 3 post WDO visitation standouts

Woolls Ranch (approved in 2013 and as yet unbuilt) is the visitation leader in post-WDO remote wineries. It was vehemently opposed by the residents of Mt. Veeder Road, and as such is very comparable to Mountain Peak, representing the current discretion of the County in promoting the interests of one good-life entrepreneur over a community of impacted residents in the shift from wineries as production facilities to remote and scenic entertainment venues.

The Palmaz winery is the second highest in post-WDO visitation. Another good life plutocrat (who just can't seem to stop causing grief for his neighbors, the County and the Napa citizenry) also vigorously opposed by the neighborhood when it was proposed.

And Vineyard 22? A 10000 g/y winery with 350 vis/wk visitation? What's with that?

Remote Wineries

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