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Bill Hocker | Mar 19, 2016

Bob Wilkinson LTE 3/20/16: County: Keep hands off Skyline
NVR 3/18/16: Open space district proposing quarter-cent sales tax
NVR 3/16/16: County could get another chance to buy Skyline

The ease of placing tax initiatives on the ballot, the democratization of public fiscal responsibility in the face of representative incapability, is a long term disaster in a nation where 40% [oops, 46.1%] of the voting population would vote for Donald Trump. The system insures that we now have tax fatigue at every election and public resources that really need common funding are denied by dazed or brain-dead voters automatically pressing the no button. "No more taxes" grunts Savethechildren in commenting on the open-space article. Most know that the wealthy have armies to insure that the tax code benefits them. Why should the commoner have to pay for the wealthy disinterest in the common good. Such a system requires an electorate that is concerned about the common good and is willing to sacrifice self-interest for it, despite the knowledge that the wealthy will sacrifice as little as possible. That is an increasingly high bar for the American voter.

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