SodaCanyonRoad | 40 Winery projects in the hopper 1/26/15

40 Winery projects in the hopper 1/26/15

Jim Wilson | Feb 16, 2015 on: Tourism Issues

I asked John McDowell for a list of current winery projects. This is what he has. Brian Bordona wrote to say he'll have a list of winery projects by next week. Geoff requested this information be kept updated and posted like St. Helena does.

This is good information to have in weighing cumulative impacts and for staying ahead of the public notices, such as the Anthem neighbors are determined to do.


John Mc Dowell responds:

PBES Descretionary Project List 1-26-15.pdf

Current Planning projects list attached. It is updated about once a month by
our Supervising Planner, Charlene Gallina. Hopefully we will be able to get
this up on our webpage soon, but we have some IT logistics to work through

Vineyard projects are handled by our Conservation Division and the Supervising
Planner in that section is Brian Bordona who is out sick. I'm pretty sure he
isn't going to make it back to work this week, and I don't know how to get to
his list.


Geoff Ellsworth adds:

Hi, St. Helena doesn't do this either but the suggestion has been brought up, I think it is necessary at this point


Chris Malan adds:

This is useful and puts things into persceptive for Vision 2050 Coalition, and perhaps we need the same table for vineyards in the pipeline. Jim can you ask David or Brian Bordona for the same on vineyards? We really need the County's list of all development projects-one supervisor said there are 90.

This should be posted on the County website.


Bill Hocker adds:

There is always the list on at There are 41 new wineries or major modifications currently in the planning dept. There is also a map at on which I have begun to plot all of the non-winery developments as well.

If someone comes up with a vineyard conversion list I wlll put it up as well.


Gary Margadant adds:

Thanks Bill. My friend and colleague up here on this mountain, Russ Wilsey, is wily in the ways of computers and Database and one of my main backups.