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Watershed Survival on view March 4th

Daniel Mufson | Feb 8, 2015 on: Watershed Issues

This year's snow pack in the Sierra is just 12% of normal. With several years of drought already, that means that the State Water Board is not going to be able to supply sustainable amounts of water to Napa’s cities. Water supply is going to be on everyone’s mind as we try to figure out how to survive. American Canyon is seeking to “buy” a reservoir!

The health of our Napa watersheds, including the Milliken, Sarco, Tulocay, influences your life. Healthy watersheds provide the ground water that rural residents of the county rely upon. Learn about the assault taking place on our watersheds by attending this important movie on March 4. The event is being sponsored by The Defenders of the East Napa Watersheds and the tickets are free. Reserve your ticket via email.

The Russian River: All Rivers:The Value of an American Watershed
(Selected for the International Wildlife Film Festival)

The Cameo Theater
1340 Main St.
St Helena, CA map

The doors will open at 5:15 and the film starts at 5:45—we know it’s an awkward time but it’s the only time they could fit us in.

The Napa County Board of Supervisors is holding a meeting on March 10 to discuss key issues such as traffic, the WDO etc. We need to make sure that water and our watersheds are on that Agenda. We need to make sure that our watersheds are not allowed to be removed to make way for vineyards.

Best wishes, from your neighbors in The Defenders of the East Napa Watersheds, A Public Benefit Corporation