SodaCanyonRoad | North Bay Watershed Assoc adds Napa Flood Control rep

North Bay Watershed Assoc adds Napa Flood Control rep

Gary Margadant | Feb 6, 2015 on: Watershed Issues

An interesting little note about the North Bay Watersheds Association and who will be chosen from the Flood Control to represent their interests in the Association.

The attached Agenda letter tells all, but it certainly affords any Watershed Group or Concerned Citizens to make recommendations to the District.

Who do you think would be a good rep?? Alfredo, Garcia, Dunsford ??

Members of the District: Brad Wagenknecht (Chairperson) District 1 Mark Luce District 2 Diane Dillon District 3 Alfredo Pedroza District 4 Keith Caldwell District 5 Jill Techel (Vice-Chairperson) Mayor Napa Juliana Inman Councilmember Napa Leon Garcia Mayor American Canyon John Dunbar Mayor Yountville Alan Galbraith Mayor St. Helena Michael Dunsford Vice-Mayor Calistoga

021015 NB WaterShed Assoc Rep.pdf

Garcia was at the last BOS meeting where he vied with Dunbar and Luce over appointment to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Item 9A, BOS, 2/3/15 meeting agenda:

You can view their statements and gain their email addresses. The video of their presentations + Luce, gives you a good idea of their experience. Caldwell voted for Luce.

Luce was picked due to his long history of involvement with the MTC and NC trasportation history and issues, which was paramount, Yountville and AmCan have a relatively short history with the MTC.

I never thought of using this issue as an into, so a little reading will help for an intro.

Our group do well with a rep to attend all BOS and Plan Com meetings, and review all available Agenda