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Water Availability Analysis analysis

Gary Margadant | Jan 8, 2015 on: Watershed Issues


The Mt Veeder Group has been working on Water Issues and the Napa County Approach to their application. We are right there to review and comment on these applications to make sure that the neighbors, or all the county residents, other than the applicant and the Planning Department are represented and valued for their input into the process.

Attached is our letter of comments to the 12/18/14 Draft of the WAA proposed changes.+ the WAA draft and the FAQ + the Staff analysis and proposed actions for the Plan Comm.

Evangeline and I have completed much work on this draft, and we believe it needs inclusion of our comments into a new draft. If the current draft is accepted and passed on to the BOS then the Neighbors to Projects are not going to fair very well.

The hearing for the WAA has a scheduled time of 9am, so if you are coming, 9 is the time.There should be a new commissioner appointed by Diane since Fiddaman has stepped down, and hopefully that will help with a continuance to review another DRAFT.

Enjoy the read.

MVSC 010715 comments 121814 Revised WAA.pdf
The working draft of the WWA
The staff FAQ about the WAA
Agenda Ltr 010715.pdf