SodaCanyonRoad | A letter of support.

A letter of support.

Bill Hocker | Dec 1, 2014 on: Mountain Peak Winery

I received this anonymous email today. It is an unusual email and it seemed important to share it.

    "Hi, being born and raised in Napa, 1958. My mother went to Mt. Veeder School, and I graduated from Vintage in 1977. We lived at 1076 Soda Cny. Rd. from 1966- 1969. Even then the road was hazardous. I remember riding my pony with my friends, there were four of us who had ponies, and sometimes we would ride over to each others house. We were all seven or eight yrs. old. You could do that then and we were very careful. One day,I think it was 1968, I rode down to the store, where my best friend and another friend were selling vegetables out front. There were gas pumps on the left side of the bldg. they had set up their table in the front of the store. I had left early, but when my parents and I returned, we drove by the store. There we saw a car that had gone thru the bldg. and partway inside the store, taking my best friend with it and my other friend who was thrown towards the gas pumps. The driver was drunk and came flying off Silverado Trl. at 60 m.p.h. He was going to buy gas. My best friend lived for a week, never regaining consciousness, my other friend broke her arm. We were all going to be in the third grade, she was eight yrs. old. I still think of her and what she would be doing if she were alive.

    I do hope you win this battle for the sake of all who live; work and play on that dangerous narrow road. Most of my memories were good while I lived there. May all your memories be good too."