SodaCanyonRoad | Soda Canyon is open for residents!

Soda Canyon is open for residents!

Laurie Congi | Oct 20, 2017 on: The Atlas Fire

Soda Canyon is open for residents!

Shelle Wolfe - Oct 22, 2017 12:15PM

I just saw an AT&T crew on my way down the hill and asked them how long it might be till we have phone service.

Their reply: "It will be a while". They're actually pulling out all the old lines and replacing with fiber which means that we will all be able to have regular Internet without satellite or any sort of dishes on our roofs.

Estimate: 30 days.

To me, this is amazing news as Valley Internet is so dang expensive. They are good, but Service seems to go out rather regularly. With or without a fire.

The two AT&T people I saw said yes, they are putting in fiber cables for Internet. And I saw them close to the mailboxes so I'm presuming that it's going to go all the way out or at least that far.

Mary Jane Stevens - Oct 21, 2017 11:21AM

I just spoke to Napa County Recycling and Waste Service and they will be picking up garbage as usual on Monday. You can use all your cans for garbage if you put a sign on the front "GARBAGE" even if they are blue or brown cans. Be sure you put the signs on. If you have more garbage than cans you can call them at 707-256-3500 to schedule extra pick ups. They understand there is a lot of extra trash out there.