SodaCanyonRoad | Letter to Peter Jensen of the Register

Letter to Peter Jensen of the Register

Glenn J. Schreuder | May 6, 2014 on: Mountain Peak Winery

[letter to Peter Jensen, County beat reporter for the Napa Valley Register]

My name is Glenn Schreuder and my family has lived continuously in upper Soda Canyon since ~1956.

I’m not sure if you are aware yet or not but a very large winery facility has been proposed in the heart of rural, remote upper Soda Canyon that includes among other features, a cave complex totaling 65,000 SF.

The proposed vehicular traffic equally impressive totaling ~ 18,500 trips per year on a stretch of road that was last re-paved when I attended Vintage High School in the early 1980s. Now Soda Canyon road is so beat up it’s more like “cobblestones” in many, many spots because the road is, quite literally, in pieces. Unfortunately broken asphalt is somehow just not as pretty as European cobbles are, but that’s a topic for another day.

There is significant and widespread opposition among the neighborhood, all the way from lower Soda Canyon to Middle and Upper Soda Canyon as well as Loma Vista Drive. To be honest, I would be hard-pressed to recall anyone I have spoken to who has said they are in favor of this massivey-scaled winery project as proposed.

Anyway, it’s late so I’ll wrap this email up: Is this the kind of story that would be “up your alley” Peter?

Thanks for your time in reading my email to you. I know I sure enjoy reading your articles so thank you for the work you do, it’s appreciated.