SodaCanyonRoad | Your Supervisor needs your input on the Definition of Ag!
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Your Supervisor needs your input on the Definition of Ag!

NV2050 Admin | May 6, 2017 on: Napa Vision 2050

Call to Action: Call your supervisor today!

Your supervisor is about to make a final vote on revising the zoning code definition of agriculture to include marketing and sales.

Such a change in definition opens the door for more marketing events and restaurant-style tastings in our protected agricultural lands.

This decision should be made by Napa citizenry, and not by elected officials. Measure J, which protects and preserves the unique character and quality of life here in our county, was passed by Napa County voters and affirmed by the California State Supreme Court in 1995. Measure P, also passed by Napa citizenry, states that agricultural, watershed and open space lands cannot be re-designated and subjected to more intensive development without a vote of the people. For more information on these measures and the history of the definition of agriculture, click here.

We, the citizenry in Napa County, in accordance with Measure P, have the right to decide this issue. Please take five minutes to call or e-mail your supervisor to tell her/him that you believe that Napa citizenry have the right to decide [via an initiative] if the definition of Agriculture should be modified.

When you call, please take an additional two minutes to email us at to let us know when you called, who your supervisor is, what you said and how your supervisor responded.

Listed below are the contact numbers for each of our supervisors. Please call or write immediately as the final vote is upcoming.

Thank you!
Napa Vision 2050

Brad Wagenknecht, District 1
(707) 253-4828

Ryan Gregory, District 2
(707) 259-8276

Diane Dillon, District 3
(707) 944-8280

Alfredo Pedroza, District 4
(707) 225-2019

Belia Ramos, District 5
(707) 259-8277