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NVR: Napa Vision 2050 Economic Forum

Daniel Mufson | Apr 1, 2016 on: Napa Vision 2050

Napa's resident-based agricultural economy is dying. It is quickly being replaced by a corporate-based tourism economy. What does that mean for the residents, the government, the physical environment and the soul of the county? Napa Vision 2050 has begun to explore these issues. Below is the Napa Valley Register summation of the forum.

Bill Hocker - Apr 2, 2016 11:40PM

For me the defining moment came late in the day. Dr. Mendlinger, while praising the involvement of residents in the planning process, seemed to bring a sociologist's clarity to the table: "Napa has a linguistic problem.", he said. "It claims to be an agricultural community when it is, in fact, a business community." I'm sure many of the pro-development members of the audience were quietly saying "duh!" The rest of us, obviously, have been spending too much time reading the vision statement of the Napa County General Plan.