SodaCanyonRoad | Wed. Mar 30th: Imola-Coombsville Community Meeting

Wed. Mar 30th: Imola-Coombsville Community Meeting

Daniel Mufson | Mar 18, 2016 on: Napa Vision 2050

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 7-9PM
2121 Imola Avenue (The Napa County Office of Education Building)
There is no charge to attend. Translation service for Spanish speakers will be provided.

Napa Vision 2050 is a coalition of neighborhood and environmental groups from all around the county. Over the past year we have been working to restore some sanity in how land-use permits for new and expanding wineries, hotels and heliports are approved. Dan Mufson will present our report-card to you.

Many of your neighbors have been concerned about the operation of the Syar Mine & Asphalt Factory which emits dangerous gases and particles into the air we breathe. Come to this meeting to hear your neighbor Kathy Felch explain the risks to the health of your family and what we can do about it.
Did you know that Napa County has the highest rates in California of cancer in children and white adults and is #2 in Hispanic cancers?

We are sponsoring a ballot initiative to protect the city's water supply. Jim Wilson will explain why our watersheds need enhanced protection.

Come with your neighbors.