SodaCanyonRoad | Bell Canyon watershed deforestation proposed

Bell Canyon watershed deforestation proposed

Bill Hocker | Sep 28, 2015 on: Watershed Issues

NVR 9/28/15: Planned vineyard near reservoir worries St. Helena
NVR 9/26/15: Proposed hillside vineyard in Angwin seeks timber-cutting permit (read the comments)
The draft EIR for the Project is here.(big file)

From Save Rural Angwin regarding the project

Calfire makes finding out information about timber harvesting plans (THP's) really, really difficult (no doubt to inhibit community concerns). Usually you are referred to an ftp folder (the link on the SRA email) with dozens of cryptically named documents which may or may not have useful information in them. The best link I've found so far is the non-profit THP Tracking Center. Their 2015 list of THP's is here. Search on: THP 1-15-081 NAP

The deadline to protest THP 1-15-081 NAP is October 5th.
Protests may be made via
Letters: Forest Project Manager, Cal Fire
135 Ridgeway Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401